Toy Blast Hack Cheats 2019

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f you like mobile puzzle games, then Toy Blast is undoubtedly a game that you should play. If you don’t determine what toy blast is, we strongly suggest you check this game on Google Play or IOS App Store. We are pretty sure you will love this incredible puzzle game. Toy blast is really a fun challenging game had you been must match cubes of the same color. It may sound simple or feel a straightforward no brainer puzzle game at first, but when you progress amongst people, the task become greater and the puzzles becomes harder. Though the bingo is just designed being a past time that you should do when you get bored or if you have some leisure time, it could become addictive because as you go higher on levels, the greater difficult it is to finish every level. If you find yourself stuck with a level, we suggest you take a look at our toy blast cheats to assist you. This toy blast IOS/Android Hack works with to any device where one can have fun playing the game.

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How to Hack Toy Blast

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Toy blast hack

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TOY BLAST is often a very enticing android game developed solely for entertainment. Many players across different globes have previously tried mafia wars. They can confirm its magnificent game play.
Witness a breath taking game which not merely entertains but it really is also a means of leisure both young and old. It suits all group ages because of its wholesomeness. It attracts challenge seeking folks who really wants to partake into an adventure.

A Toy Themed Puzzle Wonderland!

In Toy Blast, you might be given free rein of Amy’s toy box. Amy has tons of toys and colorful blocks for you to play with. Amy’s thought of a great time is arranging colorful blocks with a grid, and your job is always to produce a match of a couple of in order to the blocks through the board. Though you could make small matches of only 2 or 3, the overall game rewards you for making bigger matches. Strategy is key.

Challenging Gameplay

Making matches of blocks around the board sounds obvious, but Toy Blast adds an unusual twist that boosts the difficulty level significantly. Each level, the volume of moves you will make for the board is bound. You must make every move count in order to clear the amount and move ahead through toyland. This requires thought, strategy as well as a pinch of proper luck!

Explosive Fun

Toy Blast will reward you for making big matches for the board in the form of power ups. These power up toys are rockets, trains, TNT blocks as well as other whimsical things. Activating these power ups will explode the board, raking in big points. Combine ink two or more power ups will resulted in creation of a larger and much better power up that can do amazing things. These power ups are a real blast!

Puzzling Puzzles

Each level is exclusive in its obstacles, quantity of moves and grid shape, keeping things fresh and interesting, round after round.

Play With Friends

Connect Toy Blast in your Facebook account to look eyeball to eyeball while using high scores of your respective friends. Work hard and top the Facebook Leaderboard to prove your matching skills are the most useful!

Adorable Hand Stitched Graphics

The graphics in Toy Blast are whimsical, colorful and charming, which has a handmade look that is certainly sweet and special. The main character of the sport, Amy, can be viewed through the entire levels knitting new toy friends to have fun with. As such, many from the toys in the game resemble they’re made of yarn! The textures are rich, the colours are punchy and the animations are entertaining! You will love becoming lost with this fantastic childhood wonderland of toys.

Excellent Sound

Toy Blast sounds operate looks; magical, whimsical and fun! Explosive moves on the board are accompanied by exciting sound files that will make those big moves more exciting! The music in Toy Blast is charming and sweet, offering the perfect soundtrack all night of toy collecting fun!

Free To Play

Toy Blast is absolutely free to learn. There are optional in app purchases that can make your journey through toyland easier, however they are totally optional. Players receive 5 lives to begin with, and when those lives are consumed, you can buy more lives or wait to your lives to become replenished by the sport free of charge.

Alice Flynn is often a gaming enthusiast and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. She is currently obsessive about obscure foreign dramas, making tofu taste edible along with the latest, greatest video games.

Toy Blast is a toy themed puzzle game that follows the adventures of Amy, a crafty kid who knits and sews new toys to enhance her large collection of friends. Amy frequently misplaces these toys, and it’s up to you to help you her see them again. Does this simple little puzzle game stand out from other puzzle games? Read on to discover!

Strangely Addictive Gameplay

Toy Blast is often a matching puzzle, which can be a quite normal form of puzzle on mobile. However, this is simply not your typical match-3 style game. In Toy Blast, there is no swapping of pieces. Instead, you work with whatever is about the board, as-is. If several blocks of the color are together about the board, you’ll be able to click them to clear them from the game grid. Being able to make small matches of two pieces sounds simple, but each level will give you a particular quantity of moves. Burning a move with a small match of two blocks is not a winning strategy, and you will probably lose should you don’t work to make your moves count.

When you create large matches of multiple pieces, the game will reward your efforts as power-ups. It’s simple to determine opportunities for power-ups due to the icons about the blocks. This makes fast gameplay possible, and it’s a great feature.

Toy Blast’s gameplay is strangely addicting. Trying to manipulate the board to make the biggest moves possible is a fun challenge, the ones big moves are rewarded with lots of pomp and circumstance in the game by means of awesome animations. Nice!

If you have the ability to meet the exact level’s requirements without using up all of the moves, the sport turns your moves into power-ups which might be then sprinkled across the game board and triggered, ending your round which has a literal bang.


Toy Blast is rich with power-ups that impact gameplay significantly, and utilizing them is a natural part of gameplay. If you make matches with multiple blocks, you will be given rotors, TNT blocks, puzzle cubes plus much more that will get rid of blocks in exciting ways once activated. You may use them manually through the round, or you are able to allow them accumulate and sit for the board unused until the end. The game will automatically set them off once the particular level is cleared and you may receive points for the blocks they blast.

It’s good to avoid and think before leaving power-ups given that they will sometimes ruin what could have been an extremely lucrative play around the board. This is another area where thought and approach is required. If it is possible to get a couple of power-ups together, they may be combined for explosive results! My personal favorite is combining the puzzle cube using the TNT. Craziness ensues with this particular combo! Fun, fun, fun!

It’s Cute With a Side of Adorable

Amy may be the main character of Toy Blast, and she or he is genuinely adorable. We often see her hard at work, knitting a brand new plushie friend which will inevitably need saving at some later level, because like a real child, Amy misplaces things. Amy’s handiwork is present throughout the game with handstitched and knitted charm. Amy even knitted a plush car with achievement. So cute!

The toys are alive, a la Toy Story, and so they cheer whenever you clear them through the board. Everything about farmville, in the colors employed to the art style, is nice, easy and cute. It’s certain to make players think back to their particular childhoods, where toys were all they wanted to pass a lazy afternoon. Many games also have a lovely theme, but not many are going being capable to top Toy Blast.

Great Graphics and Sound

Most games have something that may be improved in terms of sound or graphics, but that’s far from the truth with Toy Blast. The graphics are simplistic but colorful, fitting the game’s theme perfectly. The sound clips are simply right, especially during explosions, and also the soundtrack is cute, sweet and pleasant to be handled by, round after around.

Social Integration

Is there something more motivating compared to a leaderboard? Toy Blast has Facebook integration, making it possible to completely obliterate the high scores of your friends. As you play over the levels, Toy Blast helpfully displays the most notable scores inside your circle of friends, and setting a brand new high score is really a satisfying thing, indeed. Is it immature to attempt, try, try again to beat a rival’s score? Perhaps, but when it’s wrong, I don’t want being right!

Repetitive Puzzles

Toy Blast tries difficult to prevent boredom using ever changing obstacles along with. These elements provide essential challenge to become sure, but after the first 20-30 levels, it is like every amount of Toy Blast is essentially a similar. If you love the puzzles, this won’t be an issue. I love the puzzles, so it’s not exactly an issue. However, should you don’t love puzzles, Toy Blast will end up feeling rather repetitive.

Rounds End Too Soon!

If I had a dime for each and every time Toy Blast ended my round too soon, I’d plenty of pocket change for the coffee, a minimum of. Everything is going fine. The TNT is merely one space away from the Puzzle Cube! Then TOY BLAST happens and my opportunity to combine them is lost! For players much like me who basically care more to do with creating the most important BOOM about the board possible than having the highest score, that is frustrating.

Too Cute To Handle?

Do you’ve a hard time handling things which are excessively cute? Do you feel slightly allergic to things which can be adorable? If so, Toy Blast might be an excessive amount of to address. Everything like the graphics, the sound and also the concept is adorable. If it is possible to’t stomach cute, it’s not the sport to suit your needs.


Toy Blast is often a matching puzzle that distinguishes itself from the rest having its style and addictive gameplay. It’s a puzzle lover’s paradise, with over 300 degrees of explosive puzzling fun to experience through. With a pricetag of free, there’s no reason never to give this carefully crafted game a try. It scores an extremely solid 7.0, Great!


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